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The Pigeon App

Yo! Ladies and gentlemen, about a year back, in 2014, we launched the oddpigeon experiment. The idea was simple and unique - we introduced you to new singles around you, once a week, over email.

We randomly selected about half of our registered users and sent them some introductions. If you were part of that experiment, thanks a lot! You guys loved the concept, and we got great feedback!

And so now, we are announcing the final version of our product.......something we have worked on for the past few months.....tadaaaaa......The Pigeon App! We are right now on Android, so if you have an Android phone, you can join the queue here (yes, we have a queue, to maintain a 50-50 sex ratio on the app)! It's the same concept as oddpigeon, but now on an uber-cute mobile app!

The Pigeon App Team

P.S.: If you had registered on oddpigeon, we will be automatically deleting all your data stored with us. You will need to sign up fresh for The Pigeon App!

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