oddpigeon is a project, an experiment, in social dynamics :)

We introduce you to interesting singles in your area, once in a while, over email....and do it in style. Join the movement!

How does it work?

  • Do a quick signup with us (involves authentication using your Facebook and Linkedin profile).
  • Our matching engine gets to work, finding relevant matches for you, using our magic sauce!
  • Once in a while, when we find a good match, we write an email, introducing the 2 of you to each-other, giving links to your social profiles, and explaining why we think the 2 of you should connect.
  • We write awesome introduction mails!
  • That's it! Now its up to the two of you to carry forward the conversation. If you want to.

Excited? Awesome. We hope you have an invitation code though, because oddpigeon is invitation-only!

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Who is oddpigeon?

Well, the name comes from the pigeon here in our office, the one who does all the matching, and writes the mail introducing you to your match. What, really?